Manufacturing Facilities

Sun Simulator

It simulates the conditions of sunlight for the purpose of testing photovoltaic panels or solar modules. The "AAA+" designation typically refers to the premium quality of the LED lights used in the simulator, which are designed to provide a high level of accuracy and consistency in the simulated sunlight.


It is a layup machine specifically designed to simplify the high-efficiency module production. It is  used to achieve solar string automatic laying on glass EVA, and transporting module to the next process . The strings are positioned on the glass in such a way by the robot that it can fabricate electrical connection between the strings.


The solar stringer machine is used to solder solar cells together with the use of bus bars into forming strings. Our equipment is built to provide the highest soldering output with the least amount of stress placed on the solar cells, resulting in high-quality photovoltaic modules with the fewest number of breakages during the transmission process.

EL-Tester (Pre & Post)

The machine enables  to perform a deep and extensive check of the quality of the PV panels and allows to keep the process monitored and to improve it based on the raw materials in use. The highly sensitive cameras and the neural network software enable the machine to automatically detect defects of the PV panel such as micro-cracks and finger interruptions that can’t be detected by the naked eye.


The equipment is designed to keep a track on the  electrical insulation of the whole surface of modules as per the industrial standards as well as providing electrically isolated modules due to latest technology of conductive sponges in the machineries.


The device is used to apply heat and pressure to bond the solar module components together creating a sealed and protected unit in order to withstand harsh weather conditions as well as increasing the durability and efficiency of the solar panel.

Inhouse Quality Control

Solar Provider Group develops solar concepts, that are beneficial to the environment, people, and nature.

Electro Luminescence (Pre & post)


Sun Simulator with A+A+A+ Class LED Flasher

HI-Pot with
IR Test

Wet Leakage
Current Test


Lab Test

Load Test

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Sujit Narayan
    Sujit Narayan


    I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to make the switch to solar power.

    Dr. Ankur Patel
      Dr. Ankur Patel


      The installation was quick and efficient, and the panels are performing exceptionally well.

      Mansi Joshi
        Mansi Joshi


        The panels are low maintenance, and they continue to produce high levels of energy, even on cloudy days.

        Pragati Nagar
          Pragati Nagar


          I recently had this manufacturing company install solar panels on my home, and I am thrilled with the results.

          Lokesh Patel
            Lokesh Patel


            Their panels are top-of-the-line, and they stand behind their products with excellent warranties and customer service.