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The current era of Global Warming is directly attributable to human activity, specifically to burning of fossil fuels such as Coal, oil, gasoline etc. which results in greenhouse effect. To avoid the worst impacts of climate change, we need to reduce global carbon emissions as much as 40% by 2030. For that to happen, the global community must take immediate concrete steps to decarbonize electricity generation by equitably transitioning from fossil-fuels based production to renewable energy sources like wind and solar and to maximize energy efficiency in our buildings, appliances, and industries.

The growth of the Solar energy market is driven by increase in environmental pollution and provision of government incentives and tax rebates to install solar panels. In addition, decrease in carbon-footprint associated with solar energy systems has fueled their demand in power generation sector. Moreover, following the footsteps of the vision  “Make in India” launched by the Indian Government which led to increase in domestic industrial production. Keeping everything in mind, Total Solar Technologies Pvt Ltd has setup a manufacturing unit of solar modules with capacity of 160 MW per annum, at Changodar Industrial Area, Ahmedabad.

Total Solar Technologies Pvt Ltd,  is a leading solar manufacturing company in India dedicatedly working towards technology upgradation to improve the efficiency of our PV modules and collaborate with global leaders to bring out the best technology in the solar industry for a greener, sustainable, and better solar future. TST uses the latest European technology machineries with the practice of using right blend of TIER-1 quality solar cells and raw materials, with exemplary trained and skilled workforce, high quality standards thus adhering to the highest quality manufacturing. Moreover, based on the continuous technology and product innovation, we strive to provide complete satisfaction to its range of customers and thus create value for them.

The solar PV module systems are helping in delivering, clean, safe, affordable, and decentralized electricity to people. It is expected that by 2050, the solar PV industry to boost tremendously and over 850 GW of solar modules would have been installed. At present, India has about 95 GW of installed renewable power and of that, 40.5 GW comes from solar. Thus, India is targeting of about 450 GW installed renewable energy capacity by 2030 and of that, a major shareholder of approximately 280 GW would come from solar industry.

Solar Module Manufacturer

Our Solar PV modules are composed of high efficiency solar cells sourced from the best-in-class solar cell manufacturers. Our in-house quality control team and team collaboration makes our research and development process impeccable leading to high quality performance, refined engineering products, affordability, and long-life shells.

EPC Turnkey Projects

We offer a  comprehensive One-stop turnkey solution, including project management, design, procurement, construction, and commissioning, saving you time and effort. Furthermore, we follow a streamlined approach which maximizes  cost-effectiveness and reduces potential risks while ensuring the successful delivery of the project.

Power Distribution & Transmission

Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in the field of power distribution and transmission, ensuring that you receive the best possible solutions and services. Furthermore, our systems are designed to be reliable and efficient, reducing the likelihood of outages and disruptions to your power supply. Lastly, we offer customized solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you receive the right solutions for your specific requirements.

Corporate Culture

Solar Provider Group develops solar concepts, that are beneficial to the environment, people, and nature.

Our Vision

Sustainable global economic development requires reliable, cost-effective, and quickly scalable energy solutions. Total Solar Technologies is committed to helping create a world without a reliance on fossil fuels for energy. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across the world to conserve our environment and provide an environment friendly, sustainable, and conflict-free power supply. We are fully dedicated to leading a change in the country’s existing energy portfolio by providing clean and smart energy choices, thus reducing carbon footprint, and providing a greener future by carving a new path.

Our Mission

To change the way nature works by using its resources to create cutting-edge, reliable solar energy solutions to combat the dreadful energy problem. To successfully utilize the knowledge of our highly qualified multidisciplinary technical staff for manufacturing of high-quality renewable energy solutions that are affordable for people of all economic classes. The greatest priority of TST is customer satisfaction. We accomplish this goal by continually enhancing the performance and cost-effectiveness of all our products and procedures and putting an emphasis on innovation.


We cultivate transparent and rewarding partnerships with our cutomers.


We embrace new technologies and creative business solutions to shape a better future.


We set ambitious goals and pursue them with relentless passion, persistence, and commitment


We respect the strength of different perspectives and create equitable opportunities, rights, and reward systems


We take pride in what we do and strive for continuous improvement

Our Future Goals

Total Solar Technologies aims to provide high efficiency solar energy systems and by constantly upgrading its manufacturing vision and catering to both the latest and robust development in the solar industry. We also aim to provide more efficacious panels by equipping them with the best cell technology whilst making them reliable, prudent, and affordable. Moreover, we intend to expand our market reach by entering new geographic regions and to raise the production capacity up to 1.2 GW by 2024

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Sujit Narayan
    Sujit Narayan


    I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to make the switch to solar power.

    Dr. Ankur Patel
      Dr. Ankur Patel


      The installation was quick and efficient, and the panels are performing exceptionally well.

      Mansi Joshi
        Mansi Joshi


        The panels are low maintenance, and they continue to produce high levels of energy, even on cloudy days.

        Pragati Nagar
          Pragati Nagar


          I recently had this manufacturing company install solar panels on my home, and I am thrilled with the results.

          Lokesh Patel
            Lokesh Patel


            Their panels are top-of-the-line, and they stand behind their products with excellent warranties and customer service.